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Subsidized Program Services

Ministry of Rural Development

Young Farmers Program

Agricultural Investment Programs (Improvement Plans)

Organic Agriculture and Livestock Programs

Agritourism Programs – Agritourism Activities

Producer Group Program

Program for the Provision of Agricultural Advisors

Investment Programs in Manufacturing

Agricultural Land Purchase Program

Ministry of Development

NSPA – LEADER Program Studies

Study of Integration into the National Development Law

Economic and Technical Studies of the Sustainability of Agricultural Holdings for the Clearing of Forest Lands

Other Services

Environmental Studies

Compilation of Management and Forestry Studies

· Forest Management

· Land Reforestation Restoration etc

Waste Management Studies

Stable Facilities Licensing Services

Water Licensing Services

Photo Interpretation Services

Objection Services on Forest Maps

Quality Management Systems

Food Safety and Management System – Hazard Analysis and Critical Points (HACCP) ISO 22000

Agricultural Product Quality Systems GLOBAL GAP, AGRO, Organic Agriculture and Livestock

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